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Speed Up Your Divorce In South Carolina

Kathy Dailey Hubbard, a divorce and family law attorney in Charleston, South Carolina gives a tip on how to speed up the divorce process in South Carolina.

If you’d prefer to read, a transcript of the video is included¬†below.

Video Transcript

If you’re in South Carolina, you’ve probably heard about the mandatory one-year wait time before you can get divorced. Does that mean you’re stuck with this person for an entire year before you can do anything about it?

Hi, I’m Kathryn Dailey Hubbard, a divorce and family law attorney in Charleston, South Carolina.

The answer to the question is: yes and no. What I mean by that is, you can file for divorce long before that. You can file for a divorce even before you separate, but the law requires that you have to be living separate and apart for a year before they’ll grant that divorce.

Now, if you want to wait until that 366th day to file for divorce, you can do that, but know that on that day when you file there’s also a minimum three month period before the court will grant that divorce.

So, if you’ve waited 365 days you’re going to have to wait another 3 months. Now, an advantage to filing early is: that you can get your ducks in a row, so to speak.

You can get temporary orders in place such as your parenting and custody issues, if you have any. You can get temporary child support and even temporary alimony, if that’s appropriate.

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