Save Server Fees On Your SC Divorce

Attorney Kathryn Dailey Hubbard gives a quick tip on how you can save money and heartache on your South Carolina divorce. Do you really need to pay a fee for a process server? In some cases: no.

I just dropped my son off at the Charleston Airport after a great visit. And now I’m bringing you today’s divorce law topic, which is how to avoid service of process fees in your South Carolina divorce.

So stick around for a moment and I’ll share this great tip on how you can reduce the cost of your South Carolina divorce.

Hi I’m Kathryn Dailey Hubbard, a divorce and family law attorney in Charleston, South Carolina, with Crossroads Family Law. We provide traditional divorce and custody services. And, we help South Carolina clients represent themselves.

Ok, back to our topic: saving money on your do-it-yourself divorce. First of all, what is service of process?

Simply put, it’s a procedure required by the court to notify people involved in your case about upcoming court proceedings and deadlines. So, for example, if you file for divorce, the court requires someone to deliver copies of the divorce papers to your spouse so they know about the divorce.

Usually this is done by a person called the process server and you’ll pay a fee for that. A professional process server can charge as much as $100 but usually it’s less.

You’ll give the process server information about where and how to find your spouse. Then, the server will deliver the papers and file a record of service with the court.

In many cases, a professional server is the best way to go. However, it does cost money, and it may create an awkward moment for your spouse.

If you and your spouse are on good terms, there’s another way to go that can save you some money: perform the service of process yourself. First you’ll need to hand the papers to your spouse in person.

Next, have your spouse sign a court form saying they accepted the service from you. And you’ll need to file that form in the court. Now, as an attorney, I recommend using the professional Process Servers for a variety of reasons. However, that’s the topic for another video.

Today, I just wanted to show you how you can save a little money, in some cases, by being your own process server.

I’ll include some links to the forms involved.

Again, I’m Kathryn Dailey Hubbard, divorce and family law attorney, with Crossroads Family Law in Charleston, South Carolina. I wish you the best in your personal situation. I’ve been divorced myself, so I know what you’re going through.

Check out my other helpful articles and videos over at Crossroads Family Law. Thanks for watching, and have a great day.

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