South Carolina Family Court Forms

These are the most commonly used court forms for family court in South Carolina. The forms are used in cases involving divorce, custody, child support, modifications to child support, alimony/spousal support, truancy, abortions, parenting plans, adoption, paternity, minor children, guardian ad litem.
If you have any kind of case in South Carolina Family Court, you will be using some of these forms.

Family Court Forms

PDFWordSCCA468365 Day Benchmark Notice
PDFWordSCCA400.42SRL-VISAcceptance of Service
PDFWordSCCA407Acceptance of Service
PDFWordSCCA400.22SRL-CSMAcceptance of Service (Child Support Modification)
PDFWordSCCA457Affidavit – Failure to Pay Court-Ordered Support Other than Periodic Child Support
PDFWordSCCA438Affidavit and Order – Inactivation of Child Support Account
PDFWordSCCA450Affidavit and Order for Activation of Support
PDFWordSCCA470Affidavit for Citation for Contempt of Court (Visitation – For use by Custodial Parent)
PDFWordSCCA471Affidavit for Citation for Contempt of Court (Visitation – For use by Non-Custodial Parent)
PDFWordSCCA435Affidavit of Arrears
PDFWordSCCA400.07SRL-DIVAffidavit of Default for Divorce
PDFWordSCACRVIFORM02DRAffidavit of Indigency and Application for Counsel (Domestic Relations)
PDFWordSCACRVIFORM02JUAffidavit of Indigency and Application for Counsel (Juvenile Delinquency)
PDFWordSCCA406Affidavit of Mailing
PDFWordSCCA402FAffidavit of Service
PDFWordSCCA400.49SRL-VISAffidavit of Service by Mail (Answer)
PDFWordSCCA400.43SRL-VISAffidavit of Service by Mailing
PDFWordSCCA400.04SRL-DIVAffidavit of Service by Mailing
PDFWordSCCA400.06SRL-DIVAffidavit of Service by Mailing (Answer)
PDFWordSCCA400.27SRL-CSMAffidavit of Service by Mailing (Notice of Hearing)
PDFWordSCCA400.09SRL-DIVAffidavit of Service by Mailing (Notice of Hearing)
PDFWordSCCA400.45SRL-VISAffidavit of Service by Mailing (Notice of Hearing)
PDFWordSCCA400.25SRL-CSMAffidavit of Service by Mailing – Answer
PDFWordSCCA400.23SRL-CSMAffidavit of Service by Mailing – Child Support Modification
PDFWordSCCA454Affidavit to Pay Support through Court
PDFWordSCCA479Amended – Supplemental Order
PDFWordSCCA437AAmended Contempt Order
PDFWordSCCA458AApplication and Affidavit: Registration of Out-of-State Child Custody Order
PDFWordSCCADNA101Application for Forensic DNA Testing
PDFWordSCCA267FAppointment of Counsel or GAL
PDFWordSCCA412Arrest Warrant
PDFWordSCCA412AArrest Warrant Affidavit
PDFWordSCCA413Bench Warrant
PDFWordSCCA413ABench Warrant/Arrest Warrant Addendum
PDFWordSCCA453Case Party Information Sheet
PDFWordDHECCOA671Certificate of Adoption
PDFWordSCRFCMFORM02Certificate of Exemption
PDFWordSCCA417Certificate of Transmittal – Change of Venue
PDFWordSCCA236Certification of Indigent Representation Pursuant to Rule 3(b)(2), SCRCP
PDFWordSCCA437Civil Contempt Order (Non-Support)
PDFWordSCCA486Commitment Order (DJJ)
PDFWordSCCA485Commitment Order for Evaluation (DJJ)
PDFWordSCCA400.21SRL-CSMComplaint (Decrease Child Support)
PDFWordSCCA400.31SRL-CSMComplaint (Increase Child Support)
PDFWordSCCA444Complaint – Wage Withholding (To Establish Judgment)
PDFWordSCCA400.02SRL-DIVComplaint for Divorce
PDFWordSCCA400.41SRL-VISComplaint for Visitation
PDFWordSCRCPForm6FCConfidential Reference List of Redacted Identifiers
PDFWordSCRCPForm6ExampleConfidential Reference List of Redacted Indentifiers (Example)
PDFWordSCCA458CConfirmation: Registration of Out-of-State Child Custody Order
PDFWordSCCA651Consent to Videoconferencing from Family Court to Detention Facilities
PDFWordSCCA483Custody Order (Delinquency)
PDFWordSCCA464Declaration of Minor Under the Age of Seventeen(17) years
PDFWordSCCA400.24SRL-CSMDefendant’s Answer – Decrease Child Support
PDFWordSCCA400.32SRL-CSMDefendant’s Answer – Increase Child Support
PDFWordSCCA400.05SRL-DIVDefendant’s Answer
PDFWordSCCA400.2DSRL-CSMDefendant’s Instructions (Decrease Child Support)
PDFWordSCCA400.3DSRL-CSMDefendant’s Instructions (Increase Child Support)
PDFWordSCCA429Designation Form
PDFWordSCCA499Exhibit Disposition
PDFWordSCCA496Exhibit List
PDFWordSCCA497Exhibit or File Release
PDFWordSCCA467Family Court Coversheet
PDFWordSCCA426Family Court Order – Protection from Domestic Abuse Act (For Use By Family Court Judges)
PDFWordSCCA426DenialFamily Court Order Denying Relief
PDFWordSCCA400.10SRL-DIVFinal Order of Divorce
PDFWordSCCA430Financial Declaration
PDFWordSCCA430SFinancial Declaration – Short Form
PDFWordSCCA487AForensic Juvenile Blair Order – Competent
PDFWordSCCA487DForensic Juvenile Blair Order – Not Competent and Not Likely – Intellectual Disability
PDFWordSCCA487CForensic Juvenile Blair Order – Not Competent and Not Likely – Mental Illness
PDFWordSCCA487BForensic Juvenile Blair Order – Not Competent, but Likely
PDFWordSCACRVIFORM01FForm 1 – A Statement of the Rights of an Accused
PDFWordSCACRVIFORM03FForm 3 – Certificate of Judge
PDFWordSCCA473Guardian Ad Litem Certificate Form
PDFWordSCCA475Guidelines for Obtaining a Certificate of Foreign Birth: Domestication of Foreign Adoptions
PDFWordSCCA432Interim Child Support Order
PDFWordSCRCPFORM4FJudgment in a Family Court Case
PDFWordSCCA484Juvenile Detention Order
PDFWordSCCA481Juvenile Petition
PDFWordSCCA480Juvenile Summons
PDFWordSCCA440Motion and Affidavit in Support of Termination of Child Support Based on Emancipation
PDFWordSCCA405FMotion and Affidavit to Proceed In Forma Pauperis
PDFWordSCCA426EMotion and Order for Dismissal (Protection from Domestic Abuse Act)
PDFWordSCCA492Motion and Order for Expungement of Juvenile Records
PDFWordSCCA492NGMotion and Order for Expungement of Juvenile Records – Not Guilty
PDFWordSCCA233FMotion and Order Information Form and Coversheet
PDFWordSCCA442Motion and Order to Dismiss Support
PDFWordSCCA418Motion for Further Relief (Order of Protection)
PDFWordSCCA447Motion to Transfer Support Collections Responsibilities
PDFWordSCCA448Notice and Motion to Continue Child Support
PDFWordSCCA419Notice and Motion to Extend Order of Protection
PDFWordSCADR102FNotice of ADR
PDFWordSCCA482Notice of Charges and of Your Right to an Attorney
PDFWordSCCA498Notice of Exhibit/Property Destruction
PDFWordSCCA411Notice of Hearing (General)
PDFWordSCCA462Notice of Hearing Concerning Abortion for Minor, Appointment of Guardian Ad Litem, Attorney and/or Notice Recipient
PDFWordSCCA465Notice of Intent to Appeal
PDFWordSCCA436Notice of Support Enforcement Hearing
PDFWordSCCA458BNotice: Registration of Out-of-State Child Custody Order
PDFWordSCCA400.29SRL-CSMOrder (Decrease Child Support)
PDFWordSCCA400.34SRL-CSMOrder (Increase Child Support)
PDFWordSCCA463Order Concerning Abortion for Minor
PDFWordSCCA416Order for Change of Venue
PDFWordSCCA487Order for Competency Evaluation to Stand Trial
PDFWordSCCA488Order for Probation – Status Offenses
PDFWordSCCA420Order for Transportation
PDFWordSCCA268FOrder of Appointment (General Session & Family Court)
PDFWordSCCA262FOrder of Appointment of Qualified Interpreter
PDFWordSCCA472Order of Contempt (Visitation)
PDFWordSCCA478Order of Continuance
PDFWordSCCA414Order of Discharge
PDFWordSCCA494Order of Probation – Non-Status Offenses
PDFWordSCCA441Order Terminating Child Support
PDFWordSCCA449Order to Continue Child Support
PDFWordSCCA443Order to Dismiss
PDFWordSCCA469Order to Dismiss (Without Prejudice)
PDFWordSCCA455Order to Pay Support through Court
PDFWordSCCA452Paternity Test Order
PDFWordSCCA292FPermanent Restraining Order
PDFWordSCCADNA102Petition for an Order Allowing for Disposition of the Physical Evidence or Biological Material
PDFWordSCCA427Petition for Citation for Contempt
PDFWordSCCA476Petition for Domestication of Foreign Adoption
PDFWordSCCA461Petition for Order Concerning Abortion for Minor under the age of Seventeen Years
PDFWordSCCA425Petition for Order of Protection
PDFWordSCCA744Petition for Order of Protection (For Use in Magistrate’s Court)
PDFWordSCCA456Physician’s Report
PDFWordSCCA400.46SRL-VISPlaintiff Hearing Script
PDFWordSCCA400.2PSRL-CSMPlaintiff’s Instructions – Decrease Child Support
PDFWordSCCA400.3SRL-CSMPlaintiff’s Instructions – Increase Child Support
PDFWordSCCA408Pre-Trial Notice
PDFWordSCCA400.47SRL-VISProposed Order
PDFWordSCCA466Proposed Parenting Plan
PDFWordSCCA489Release of Probation
PDF DHEC0682Report of Divorce or Annulment of Marriage
PDFWordSCADR109Request for Appointment of Mediator
PDFWordSCCA400.08SRL-DIVRequest for Hearing
PDFWordSCCA400.44SRL-VISRequest for Hearing
PDFWordSCCA410Request for Hearing
PDFWordSCCA400.26SRL-CSMRequest for Hearing (Child Support Modification)
PDFWordSCCA422Request for Rule 608 Appointment
PDFWordSCCA460Requesting Court Approval for Abortions
PDFWordSCCA423Response to Request for Rule 608 Appointment
PDFWordSCCA434Rule 24 – Clerk’s Affidavit
PDFWordSCCA415Rule to Show Cause
PDFWordSCCA490Rule to Show Cause (Revocation of Juvenile Probation) Non-Status Offenses
PDFWordSCCA428Rule to Show Cause – Citation for Contempt of Court (Protection from Domestic Abuse)
PDFWordSCCA445Rule to Show Cause – Contempt of Court by Payor
PDFWordSCCA495Rule to Show Cause – Status Offenses
PDFWordSCCA493Rule to Show Cause – Truancy
PDFWordSCCA400.11SRL-DIVSample Script for Plaintiff’s Testimony
PDFWordSCCA400SRL-DIVSample Script for Questioning a Witness in a Simple Divorce Action
PDFWordSCCA400.28SRL-CSMScript for Plaintiff’s Testimony (Decrease Child Support)
PDFWordSCCA400.33SRL-CSMScript for Plaintiff’s Testimony (Increase Child Support)
PDFWordSCCA400DSRL-DIVSRL-DIV Defendant Instructions
PDFWordSCCA400PSRL-DIVSRL-DIV Plaintiff Instructions
PDFWordSCAA400DSRL-VISSRL-Visitation Defendant Instructions
PDFWordSCCA400PSRL-VISSRL-Visitation Plaintiff Instructions
PDFWordSCCA254FSubpoena in a Civil Case
PDFWordSCCA253FSubpoena in a Juvenile Delinquency Case
PDFWordSCCA421Summons (Protection From Domestic Abuse)
PDFWordSCCA400.01SRL-DIVSummons for Divorce
PDFWordSCCA425SSupplement to the Petition for Order of Protection
PDFWordSCCA431Support Complaint
PDFWordSCCA446Support Information Sheet
PDFWordSCCA433Support Order
PDFWordSCCA451Support Reduction Complaint
PDFWordSCCA459Temporary Hearing Background Information
PDFWordSCCA800Transcript Request Form
PDFWordSCCA424Transmittal Form for Documents – Protection from Domestic Abuse Cases
PDFWordSCCA474Vulnerable Adult GAL Certificate


Palmetto Automated Child Support System Forms (PACSS)
PDFWordSCCA454Affidavit to Pay Support through Court
PDFWordSCCA437Civil Contempt Order (Non-Support)
PDFWordSCCA429Designation Form
PDFWordSCCA432Interim Child Support Order
PDFWordSCCA447Motion to Transfer Support Collections Responsibilities
PDFWordSCCA455Order to Pay Support through Court
PDFWordSCCA446Support Information Sheet
PDFWordSCCA433Support Order

These forms are courtesy of the South Carolina Judicial Department. They keep a complete, searchable list of forms for all courts here.