Happy divorce clientThis page provides links to free resources that will prove helpful to you in any situation involving the family court system, divorce, custody, child support, etc. in South Carolina.

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Divorce Roadmap

If you haven’t picked up our South Carolina Divorce Roadmapget it here. This is graphic representation of what you’ll be encountering along the way during your divorce.

Court Related Info

South Carolina Family Court Locations

South Carolina Family Court Forms

Child Support Calulator

Fatherhood Registry

Attorneys We Like

We’re a small firm and sometimes we just get slammed. If we can’t take your case for whatever reason, here are some other local attorneys. Most of these are in the Charleston area. Please don’t consider this a recommendation since we don’t know your particular situation. If you have one you’d like us to mention contact us.

Even though this is a free divorce resource page, these attorneys do charge substantial fees. They are on this page because their websites also contain great info on divorce, custody and family law related topics.

The Peck Firm

Talk to Ken over at They have a few lawyers specializing in family law. Ken’s team are rock stars.

Evan Guthrie Law Firm

Evan Guthrie is another solo practitioner we highly recommend. Find him at

Gregory S. Forman, P.C. Charleston Family Law Attorney & Certified Family Court Mediator

This guy has a great website filled with legal info related to family law.

Robert Rosen

Free Legal Aid

There are a few attorneys and law firms that do not charge or reduced fees.

South Carolina Legal Services

Here’s how they describe themselves: South Carolina Legal Services (SCLS) provides free legal assistance in a wide variety of civil (non-criminal) legal matters to eligible low-income residents of South Carolina.

They provide some services in the family law area plus many other areas. Find them at:

Helpful Websites

Here are some websites we like as divorce resources.

South Carolina Bar Association

The South Carolina Bar Association has a guide to legal help. “Whether you’re looking for answers to commonly-asked legal questions, wish to hire a lawyer and don’t know where to turn, or are having problems contacting your lawyer, we have resources that can help.”

They cover a wide variety of legal topics going into and beyond family law here. All of their articles are SC specific law.

In family law, they cover DivorceLegal SeparationProperty rights in divorceChild CustodyChild Supportvisitation after divorce or separationDomestic violenceGrandparent Rights, and LGBT Children or Parents. They also have a couple of good videos on Grandparent Rights, and Divorce, Property Rights in Divorce, Legal Separation. covers many states including South Carolina on a wide variety of legal topics. For family law in South Carolina, they have some really helpful web pages on: 

South Carolina Appleseed Justice Center

South Carolina Appleseed Justice Center fights for low income South Carolinians to overcome social economic and legal injustice. They have some good family law brochures and resources available on their website. As an unusual benefit, some of their material is available in Spanish.


South Carolina Department of Social Services

The South Carolina Department of Social Services, sometimes known as DSS offers resources and support for families going through divorce and after. If your divorce involves child support, those payments will likely be set up through DSS.

Hopefully, this isn’t relevant to you but they also have a section on child abuse and neglect which covers reporting child abuse & neglectreporting abuse & neglect of adultschild protective servicesadult protective servicesdomestic violence and child fatalities.

Father’s Rights

For personal reasons, we have a big interest in the Father’s Rights Movement. We are firm believers that it is in children’s best interest to have both of their birth parents involved in parenting. For traditional reasons, the court system favors the mother in most cases. This can leave fathers with few or no parental rights in spite of them needing to pay child support.

South Carolina Fathers Rights on

Rights of unwed fathers at

Private Investigations

Sometimes we need help find out what’s really going on with your spouse or other characters involved in your case. Yes, we are talking about extra fees. Yet, sometimes gathering the evidence these folks provide can make all the difference. Here are some of the investigators we have available, should the need arise.