Mediation Services For Family Law Attorneys

Hi, I’m Kathy Hubbard, a Charleston, SC-based family law attorney/mediator. You already have mediators you’ve used in the past. I want to give you a new option going forward. Let me show you how I can help.

Easier Mediation For Lawyers

When I use mediators on my own cases, some make my life easier and some, not so much. As a mediator, I want to make your job easier. Here’s how:

Top Notch Notes

At the end of mediation, you don’t want to start from scratch drawing up the agreement. I take notes throughout the mediation and set you with an agreement draft that you can finalize with minimal effort.

Useful 2nd Opinions

Sometimes your client just doesn’t believe you. Or maybe they don’t want to believe on some issue. Chances are, I see it the way you do. Let me be your 2nd opinion. Let me back you up.

Teleconference Expertise

You may want me to come to your office for the mediation. That’s great. Many of my lawyer clients prefer that. Other attorney clients are out of town or their clients are out of town, so we hop on Zoom

My husband will even show your client how to use Zoom and take them on a demo so they are comfortable with it.


Need a mediation sooner, rather than later? Openings are available almost every week for the next three months. I know that won’t last. But for now, take advantage, and give me a try!

Budget Friendly

Of course, you are not paying, your clients are. And some of them are on a budget. The person you like best for mediation probably charges for it too. Your clients may appreciate a price break.

Did I Mention Our 50% Off Sale?

The first time you try us, we’ll give your client 50% off the first 4 hours of mediation.

Client Reminders

You know how some service providers like doctors, dentists or even perhaps you have great automated systems for sending out multiple reminders via text or email? My techy husband has brought that same level of service to mediation.

Client Preparation

When we send out reminders to clients we don’t want to nag, so we educate them. Many of our ‘reminder’ notes have links to educational information they can choose to read. We have suggestions on how to prepare, what to expect, and even driving directions to the location (if relevant).

Why Your Clients Love Us

No Waiting

By the time they need a mediator, most clients are eager to get their divorce over with. We are ready to mediate when they are.


Clients feel like I listen. In mediation that’s critical.


My reminder emails are full of educational content designed to help them understand and prepare for the mediation process. They will appreciate these mini-tutorials on the mediation process.


Your clients should never make price their primary concern, yet usually, it is a secondary concern. I do what I can to help and they appreciate it.