Divorce Emergency?

Do you have a divorce emergency right now?

What’s A Divorce Emergency?

A divorce emergency is where events like being served with court papers have caught you by surprise and you need to take immediate action.

The most common divorce emergency is that you just received divorce papers. Or, it could be you just found out your ex-spouse is planning a move out of state. Or maybe has already. Maybe you found out there are plans for your kids that you don’t approve.

Action Needed

These situations call for immediate action. And you need to get advice along the way. It’s a great time to take us up on our free consultation offer and get some input that you need very badly.

Divorce Or Other Family Court Papers

In South Carolina, there are a couple ways you can get served divorce papers. They usually show up as a summons for a hearing. If you’ve received orders for temporary orders hearing you could have as little as 30 days to respond to the complaint; however there may be a hearing within 5 days.

Were You Ambushed?

If an attorney was involved in filing these papers, sometimes they use the ambush technique. An ambush is where they deliberately serve you papers and set up a hearing, hoping that you won’t have any time to prepare, which helps them at the hearing because you’ve been left defenseless.

We often have people come in for consultations after this has happened. It’s too bad because frequently what happens in these temporary hearings sets the tone for the entire divorce or custody case.

Are They After Your Money?

Your spouse may want money. He or she may want custody of the kids. The court is prepared to make a ‘temporary’ decision about things that have a major impact on your life.

The problem is that ‘temporary’ often turns into permanent. Later on, when your divorce is being finalized, you may face tremendous pressure to ‘keep things as they are.’ You’ll hear the argument that ‘It’s been working just fine so far.’ Why make changes and rock the boat?

So, it’s more important than you would like to think to make a good showing at the early hearings in your divorce or custody proceeding.

2 Types Of Divorce Clients, Those Who Initiate

Our divorcing people come in 2 categories.

In one category are the people who are considering divorce and most likely will be filing the divorce papers. Let’s call them the initiators. The initiators have all the time in the world. They can plan at their leisure and get all the advice that they need before taking any divorce or custody action.

And Those Who Respond
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The other category, the responders, are the people who get served with papers. They have a relatively short period of time to do all the planning. Often, they don’t get to plan, all they get to do is respond. The responders are the ones that end up with divorce emergencies.

Get Free Advice Now

If you’ve been served with any sort of paperwork from a family court, you can get a free consultation from us. We give a free 30-minute consultation to evaluate your situation. You get a chance to get to know us. You’ll get advice based on what we know so far. Then you can decide how best to proceed. In the meantime, you’ll get valuable information that will help you, whether you decide to hire us or not.

Of course, some other attorneys offer free consults too. So remember, you don’t have anything to lose by getting a free consultation.

Response Types

In responding to family court papers and hearings, you and your attorney will need to create a written response to whatever you were served with.

For certain kinds of hearings, we will need to put together affidavits from yourself, friends, and relatives describing your situation to a judge in order to defend yourself at the hearing.

Some types of hearings only allow affidavit testimony with an 8-page limit on how much testimony you can provide. The hearing is only 15 minutes long. Beware, it can decide your future!

Help Is On The Way

It’s easy to fall prey to denial and take no action. Don’t let that be you! If you don’t take any action, the court could rule in favor of your spouse. This can have bad consequences for you, both short-term and long-term.

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