Can We Make You A Free Video?

I don’t know how long I can keep this free offer running. So, jump on it if this appeals to you.

One video says more than 1,000 words so click below to play the video.

Why Would I Do Such A Thing?

Why would a law firm be making free videos for our business associates? In a word, reciprocity. We hope by helping you grow your business with a cool video like your competitors don’t have, yet, you’ll help us in one of the many ways you can.

We are a remarkable business. This is a remarkable offer. Hopefully, you will remark.

These videos are part of our over all business networking strategy you can read about here.

Why Would Your Business Want A Video?

Well, frankly, a lot of your marketing is looking tired and dated. Let’s upgrade you to a more ‘post-turn-of-the-century’ look.

The most effective marketing out there is video. It will cost you a freaking fortune to get it elsewhere. So, this is your chance.

Ok, How Do We Start?

Well, there are a couple things I insist on first:

  • Use – You have to commit to using the video. I mean: actually show it to people, on your website, on social media or as an ad. I don’t want to go through the brain damage of making a video that you don’t use.
  • Attribution – Give us attribution with a link. So, if you post it on Facebook, your website, YouTube, etc., in the comments put: ‘Video courtesy of”. If you post it somewhere that doesn’t have comments like that, put attribution somewhere on your website.

And, I’d really appreciate a recommendation on the net if you like the video.

If that’s not too much to ask, then contact me, David, at 843-474-4000 and let’s fly this thing.

Samples & Further Info

Here are some videos I’ve made for other business friends. Click on the images below to see the videos:

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