Business Networking With Us

How We Can Help Each Other

Crossroads Family Law wants to help your business thrive through a business networking alliance.

What do we mean by a business networking alliance? It means: we come up with ways to help each other, put a simple plan together and get into action. I put together a short video to highlight the concept. (Click to start)

Some Ideas On Helping Each Other

There are many ways we can help each other:

  • We can link to you on our website (please reciprocate in some fashion).
  • Likes on Social media, I mean when we actually do like stuff…
  • Rate and review you on social media, of course, we have to experience your business first.
  • We can put you in front of the right people at the right time.
  • Refer customers to you.
  • Share insights
  • Bounce ideas off each other, brainstorm from time to time
  • Commiserate (briefly) from time to time.
  • Trade product / service
  • Socialize
  • Cross-post guest blog articles
  • Meet up at events, mastermind anyone?
  • Make you a cool video like the ones you see on this page. We’re making them a cornerstone of our business.

Can We Make You A Free Video?

Watch the video below and think about what video could do for your business. You’ve probably considered making videos for your business. If you’re like most, you’re a bit hung up on either being on camera or the formidable technology involved.

Ways We Help

Here’s another short video. Again, I could make one for you, if you’re interested.

More On The Alliance Concept

Here’s yet another sample video, to give you more ideas.

How Do We Get Started?

How do we get started? I was hoping you’d ask that. It’s easy.

  1. Contact Us – No obligation of any kind
    • Call David Hubbard, 843-474-4000 and mention networking.
    • Or email:
  2. Let’s get to know each other.
    • Find out what each other does.
    • Who are ideal clients?
    • What are our competitive advantages?
  3. Let’s figure out where our interests align.
    • What do we both need?
    • What are we willing to do?
    • Is there a match?
  4. Plan it, simply, quickly effectively
  5. Do it

YouTube Playlist

Here are the videos you just watched all strung together in a YouTube playlist. If you make a YouTube channel, you too could have playlists for your customers.

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