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How To Pick A Charleston, SC Divorce Lawyer

Choosing a divorce lawyer in Charleston, South Carolina is one of the most important decisions of your divorce. You'll be counting on the lawyer you choose to get you what you want in your divorce.

Family Law Focus Or Jack Of All Trade Lawyer?

Will just any attorney do? Do you need someone focused on divorce and custody? Should you be leery of attorneys that work in various other practice areas simultaneously?

Affidavits For Family Court

Character affidavits and personal affidavits are frequently used by divorce attorneys in family court for temporary hearings. If you have been asked to provide affidavits for a family court case, please read this thoroughly before starting to create your affidavit.

What Not To Wear To Court

There are more than a few things you don't want to wear or bring to court. I also mention what you should bring to court.

Divorce Emergency?

Do you have a divorce emergency right now? A divorce emergency is where events like being served with court papers have caught you by surprise and you need to take immediate action.

Document Everything In Your Divorce

Get in the habit of documenting everything you communicate to your spouse during your divorce or custody case.

You’ll be glad you did.

Separation vs Divorce in SC

What if you want a separation, not a divorce. In South Carolina, can you just get a separation? What is the difference between a separation and a divorce, anyway?

Save Server Fees On Your SC Divorce

A quick video on how you can save money and heartache on your S. Carolina divorce. Do you really need to pay a fee for a process server? In some cases: no.

Speed Your SC Divorce Video

Kathy Dailey Hubbard, a divorce and family law attorney in Charleston, South Carolina gives a tip on how to speed up the divorce process in South Carolina.

South Carolina Legal Services & Divorce Video

Helpful Youtube video going over the basics of divorce in South Carolina. The transcript is included if you prefer to read.

Social Media Impact On Divorce, Simple Solutions

Social media is a big part of our lives. But if you’re going through a divorce or battling for custody of your children, you need to understand the potential damaging role social media can play in your case.

My Daddy’s Just a Paycheck

When a child is born to unmarried couples, the mother usually has automatic full legal and physical custody at birth. Fathers, however, have few, if any rights, except the right to pay child support.

When’s The Best Time To Get Divorced?

We all hope to avoid divorce. We tell ourselves it will get better. At some point we need to decide.

A Powerful Word During Divorce

We need all the help we can get during divorce. You'll want to remember this one word when the going gets tough.

Parenthood: Denied

Many times, unmarried fathers not only have to prove biological DNA relationships, but an ongoing physical relationship with the child before they are granted any rights like visitation or parenting.

Are You My Mother?

It seems like every day on social media, more and more people are advertising to find their birth families. Beyond the question of why they feel they must do so lies a much more fundamental question: why are they denied this knowledge?