Divorce Emergency?

Do you have a divorce emergency right now? A divorce emergency is where events
like being served with court papers have caught you by surprise and you need to take immediate action.

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My Daddy’s Just a Paycheck

When a child is born to unmarried couples, the mother usually has automatic full legal and physical custody at birth. Fathers, however, have few, if any rights, except the right to pay child support.

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When’s The Best Time To Get Divorced?

The Best Time For A Divorce I’ll wait until the kids are older/have graduated… I’ll wait until after the holidays/birthdays/anniversaries… I’ll wait until I have money… I’ll wait until after Grandma dies… I’ll wait until after… I’ll wait until… I’ll wait… I’ll wait… I’ll wait… I’ve heard all these reasons/excuses. I used them myself. I […]

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