Client Bill of Rights

Client Bill of Rights

You’re That Important

We believe clients are the most important part of our business and should be treated accordingly. We feel so strongly about this, we decided to create a Bill of Rights for our clients to act as our company guidelines on how clients should be served.

You Have The Right

We believe you have the right to:

  • Be spoken to in plain English, not legalese. You speak English. Lawyers speak, well, something else.
  • Kept up to date on the status of your case, not left in the dark which sadly seems to be the industry standard.
  • Have your phone calls answered by a real person 24/7, not shuffled off to a voice mail.
  • Video conferences vs. having to come in to our offices for every meeting.
  • Be able to sign your documents via the internet instead of awkward faxing or shuffling paperwork across town.
  • Have all your legal documents available online, all in one place, always up to date, always available.
  • Have your questions answered promptly.

You Won’t Find These Rights ElsewhereCrossroads Family Law Client Bill Of Rights

We don’t think you’ll find too many other attorney websites willing to publish their standards, if they even have standards.

Additionally, we believe you have the right to:

  • Be treated compassionately as a person going through a rough patch in life, not looked at as ‘a case’.
  • Have your inquiries responded to in less than one business day.
  • Hear the truth about your situation. We don’t want to lead you on or make promises based on wishful thinking.