About Us

The Company – Crossroads Family Law, LLC

Crossroads Family Law is a Charleston, South Carolina family law practice focusing on divorce and custody legal issues. You get remarkable service at an affordable price. We accomplish that by holding ourselves accountable to our Client Bill of Rights.

Crossroads is owned and operated by Kathy Dailey Hubbard with the help of her practice manager and husband, David Hubbard.

How We Are Different

Kathy moved to the Charleston area in December 2018, so we are fairly new. Kathy is building the practice from scratch. As such, you will be getting a lot more personalized attention on your case. We compete on our availability, extra personal attention, and our support for clients who wish to represent themselves in court.

The People

Kathy Dailey Hubbard

Kathy is the primary attorney for Crossroads Family Law.  She mainly handles divorce, custody, and father’s rights cases.

She developed a passion for this line of work after having been divorced herself. She decided to dedicate her career to making sure her clients had the best representation possible.

Kathy strives to make sure her clients are continuously informed throughout the legal process. She understands that the legal system can be very intimidating. She instills confidence in her clients by speaking to them in plain English vs legal jargon.

She makes sure she understands client needs by listening to what they want, unlike other attorneys who treat every client situation the same way.

Kathy is a licensed attorney in South Carolina and Colorado.

David Hubbard, Crossroads Family Law

David Hubbard

David is Crossroad’s practice manager. He keeps everything running smoothly behind the scenes so that clients have the best experience possible.

David is available to update you on the status of your case when Kathy is in court or with other clients.

David and Kathy lived in Colorado and California before moving to South Carolina. They live in one of Charleston’s beach communities. They enjoy kayaking, bicycling, beach activities and exploring when they aren’t working for clients.